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Medical Coding Certification Exam Preparation

RRP $313.99

"Medical Coding Certification Exam Preparation" is designed to aid in the review for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. While not intended to be an introduction to medical coding, it provides an extensive review of the topics students need to know for the CPC exam, including coverage of anatomy, medical terminology, pathophysiology, as well as the concepts, guidelines and rules of medical coding. Based on their significant teaching experience and affiliations with AAPC, authors Cynthia Stewart and Cynthia Ward bring a fresh approach to preparing for the exam. The book is organized around the principle that students need the tools to understand how to break cases down and how to translate services, procedures, and diagnosis into codes. The importance of understanding and knowing how to locate and use the guidelines inherent to the ICD, CPT and HCPCS coding manuals is emphasized throughout the book with the use of Spotlights and Mentor Coding Tips. Each chapter contains questions similar to those found on the CPC exam. In addition, each of the five units of the book ends with a Unit Exam, meant to be a cumulative review. Finally, the book concludes with a comprehensive practice exam using ICD-9. (An ICD-10 exam is also available to help prepare students for the ICD-10 proficiency exam in development by AAPC.) Additional practice is available through Connect Plus, McGraw-Hill's online assignment and assessment tool.

A* In Exams

RRP $22.99

This upbeat, easy-to-use guide will show you how to organise your work, revise effectively and prepare for exam day to give you the best chance of getting that A+! Includes essential advice on: Preparing your revision environment Organising your notes Using the right revision methods Choosing reliable online resources Best practice for exam day Finding the best approach for YOU AUTHOR: Ross Dickinson is a writer, musician, teacher and traveller. Aside from fulfilling his academic role he also works with LendMeYourLiteracy, an organisation which nurtures and celebrates children's writing.

Applied Asymptotic Methods In Nonlinear Oscillations

RRP $684.99

Many dynamical systems are described by differential equations that can be separated into one part, containing linear terms with constant coefficients, and a second part, relatively small compared with the first, containing nonlinear terms. Such a system is said to be weakly nonlinear. The small terms rendering the system nonlinear are referred to as perturbations. A weakly nonlinear system is called quasi-linear and is governed by quasi-linear differential equations. We will be interested in systems that reduce to harmonic oscillators in the absence of perturbations. This book is devoted primarily to applied asymptotic methods in nonlinear oscillations which are associated with the names of N. M. Krylov, N. N. Bogoli- ubov and Yu. A. Mitropolskii. The advantages of the present methods are their simplicity, especially for computing higher approximations, and their applicability to a large class of quasi-linear problems. In this book, we confine ourselves basi- cally to the scheme proposed by Krylov, Bogoliubov as stated in the monographs [6,211. We use these methods, and also develop and improve them for solving new problems and new classes of nonlinear differential equations. Although these methods have many applications in Mechanics, Physics and Technique, we will illustrate them only with examples which clearly show their strength and which are themselves of great interest. A certain amount of more advanced material has also been included, making the book suitable for a senior elective or a beginning graduate course on nonlinear oscillations.

A Manual Of Logarithmic Computation, With Numerous Examples

RRP $18.99

From the Preface.

The objects of this Manual are-

First, to furnish to students full explanations of all the difficulties usually met with in the practice of computation by logarithms;

Secondly, to set before them compact and orderly forms of arrangement of the computations; and,

Thirdly, to provide instructors with an abundant collection of examples, progressively arranged, and covering all the points in regard to which mistakes are commonly made.

The Manual is the result of many years' experience of the difficulties met with in endeavoring to teach young students orderly and correct, as well as intelligent methods; and whatever may be thought of the success with which these difficulties have been treated, it is believed that not many of them have been overlooked.

The rather elaborate subdivision of some of the topics in the third chapter results from actual experience of the perplexity occasioned in the minds of even pretty good students by the varying signs which characteristic and mantissa and their multipliers assume in different problems.

It is strongly recommended that the teacher insist upon the pupil's following, in all written exercises, the form given in the last solved example under each head. Orderly arrangement is almost indispensable to correct and rapid work, and quite indispensable to that thorough revision by the teacher, without which written exercises are, for most pupils, of little value.


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