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A* In Exams

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This upbeat, easy-to-use guide will show you how to organise your work, revise effectively and prepare for exam day to give you the best chance of getting that A+! Includes essential advice on: Preparing your revision environment Organising your notes Using the right revision methods Choosing reliable online resources Best practice for exam day Finding the best approach for YOU AUTHOR: Ross Dickinson is a writer, musician, teacher and traveller. Aside from fulfilling his academic role he also works with LendMeYourLiteracy, an organisation which nurtures and celebrates children's writing.

Medical Coding Certification Exam Preparation

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"Medical Coding Certification Exam Preparation" is designed to aid in the review for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. While not intended to be an introduction to medical coding, it provides an extensive review of the topics students need to know for the CPC exam, including coverage of anatomy, medical terminology, pathophysiology, as well as the concepts, guidelines and rules of medical coding. Based on their significant teaching experience and affiliations with AAPC, authors Cynthia Stewart and Cynthia Ward bring a fresh approach to preparing for the exam. The book is organized around the principle that students need the tools to understand how to break cases down and how to translate services, procedures, and diagnosis into codes. The importance of understanding and knowing how to locate and use the guidelines inherent to the ICD, CPT and HCPCS coding manuals is emphasized throughout the book with the use of Spotlights and Mentor Coding Tips. Each chapter contains questions similar to those found on the CPC exam. In addition, each of the five units of the book ends with a Unit Exam, meant to be a cumulative review. Finally, the book concludes with a comprehensive practice exam using ICD-9. (An ICD-10 exam is also available to help prepare students for the ICD-10 proficiency exam in development by AAPC.) Additional practice is available through Connect Plus, McGraw-Hill's online assignment and assessment tool.

Deterministic Nonlinear Systems

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This text is a short yet complete course on nonlinear dynamics of deterministic systems. Conceived as a modular set of 15 concise lectures it reflects the many years of teaching experience by the authors. The lectures treat in turn the fundamental aspects of the theory of dynamical systems, aspects of stability and bifurcations, the theory of deterministic chaos and attractor dimensions, as well as the elements of the theory of Poincare recurrences.Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the generation of periodic, quasiperiodic and chaotic self-sustained oscillations and to the issue of synchronization in such systems.

This book is aimed at graduate students and non-specialist researchers with a background in physics, applied mathematics and engineering wishing to enter this exciting field of research.

Megan's School Exams

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Megan is a thirteen-year-old teenage girl, who realises that she has psychic powers that others do not have. At first, she tried to talk to her mother about them, but with disastrous consequences, so she learned to keep quiet about them. However, some people do offer to help and an animal showed a special friendship, but they were not 'alive' in the normal sense of the word. They had passed on. Megan has three such friends: Wacinhinsha, her Spirit Guide, who had been Sioux in his last life on Earth; her maternal grandfather, Gramps and a huge Siberian tiger called Grrr. Wacinhinsha is extremely knowledgeable in all things spiritual, psychic and paranormal; her grandfather is a novice 'dead person' and Grrr can only speak Tiger, as one might imagine and most of that, of course is unintelligible to humans. In 'Megan's School Exams', Megan is concerned about her exams because they are the first serious one she has ever sat. She literally worries herself sick, but Wacinhinsha, her Spirit Guide, gives her a pep-talk and gets her through them.


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Citizenship Australian Green Card Travel Visa
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Citizenship Australian Green Card Travel Visa
Online Exam Online Test Exam Study

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