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You Can't Have The Green Card

RRP $18.99

Heartwarming, entertaining, mindboggling and inspiring, this memoir is bound to move the reader in more ways than one. Within a few years of making an unexpected discovery, a family of four, all of whom were born and raised in Iceland, became U.S. citizens. Veteran author, Gudjon Bergmann, tells his family's incredible story. His narration leads the reader through a number of events that seem closer to fiction than fact, challenging ideas about fate and destiny, while also disclosing the mundane challenges of moving from Reykjavik to Austin."You Can't Have the Green Card" is a unique saga that stretches all the way back to the U.S. occupation of Iceland in World War II. It tells of a love that seemed destined to last, the seductive charm of America, a long awaited family reunion, the cultural acclimation process, and how a number of serendipitous events can truly change lives. In addition, the story chronicles an inimitable version of the much debated U.S. immigration process. While naturalized citizens may draw parallels and see their lives mirrored to some degree, the story is mainly for people who enjoy reveling in the mysterious synchronicities of life.

A Scorecard Sketchbook For 50 Rounds Of Golf

RRP $16.99

This sketchbook includes 50 scorecards with room to record a visual memento of your rounds of golf. Each hole has designated space in which to draw the hole and key features, including room to draw a close-up of the greenside region. Use arrows to draw each stroke, noting any penalties with words. Write the club next to each stroke, too. This serves as an informative way to save record scores, make detailed notes for compiling stats, seeing whether you miss more greens to the left or right, recalling what club you used to make a hole-in-one, or making a yardage guide book with prior club selection and the breaks of previous putts. It is also a good companion to The Golf Stats Log Book and The End-of-Round Golf Diary. The cover is cool, too.

V&a William Morris Evening Garden Eco Writer's Notecards

RRP $22.99

Write a real note on a real card from a package of Writer's Notecards from Galison Green! Go ahead and enclose a snapshot or a cartoon. Each set of 100% recycled paper cards includes 12 cards--either 6 each of two designs or 3 of four--plus 13 colour-coordinated decorative envelopes with square flaps. They are packaged in a 4-3/4 x 6 x 1" recycled paper window box. The cards themselves are tent-fold, measure 4-1/4 x 5-1/5", and have a blank interior. Coloured square-flap envelopes are decorated with an element from the card design. Writer's Notecards coordinate with Writer's Notebook titles

How The Earth Turned Green

RRP $35.00

On this blue planet, long before pterodactyls took to the skies and tyrannosaurs prowled the continents, tiny green organisms populated the ancient oceans. Fossil and phylogenetic evidence suggests that chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for coloring these organisms, has been in existence for some 85% of Earth's long historythat is, for roughly 3.5 billion years. InHow the Earth Turned Green, Joseph E. Armstrong traces the history of these verdant organisms, which many would call plants, from their ancient beginnings to the diversity of green life that inhabits the Earth today.

Using an evolutionary framework, How the Earth Turned Green addresses questions such as: Should all green organisms be considered plants? Why do these organisms look the way they do? How are they related to one another and to other chlorophyll-free organisms? How do they reproduce? How have they changed and diversified over time? And how has the presence of green organisms changed the Earth's ecosystems? More engaging than a traditional textbook and displaying an astonishing breadth,How the Earth Turned Green will both delight and enlighten embryonic botanists and any student interested in the evolutionary history of plants.

More Verses For Greeting Cards

RRP $18.99

A second collection of rhyming verses, with no copyright restrictions, produced especially for use in card making. The verses, a mixture of light-hearted and serious, range in length from 4 lines to 16 lines. A couple of the verses are religious. The rest are not. The verses are written in British English and cover the following subjects: Birthday - General; Birthday - Teasing/Not-So-Young; Birthday - Themes/Hobbies (dog lover, cat lover, football, tennis, golf, knitting, handicrafts, gardening, travel, new car, cooking, shopping, shoes, fashion, handbags, Ebay, Amazon, music, phone); Birthday - Age (18th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th); Birthday - Sorry it's Late; Family - Birthday/Father's Day/Mother's Day; Good Luck/Congratulations (general good luck and congratulations, plus driving test and new babies); Appreciation - Thank You/Special People (including thank you for being there/for gift/for kindness/for friendliness and you're an inspiration); Changing Times (leaving, moving house, welcome new neighbour, new situation, retirement); Thinking Of You (keeping in touch, in pain, get well soon, sympathy, sudden bereavement, a prayer for healing, bad patch, painful anniversary, death of a pet); Wedding Anniversary (general and specific); Special Days (wedding, Valentine, special occasion, welcome back, Easter, Christmas, New Year).


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Citizenship Australian Green Card Travel Visa
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