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Social Citizenship Rights

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`Anyone who wants to engage in the debate of these issues will find Joao Espada's book a stimulus and a guide.' - Ralf Dahrendorf This book criticises two rival views of social citizenship rights, as they are presented by two authors who are taken as representatives of broader currents of thought: Friedrich A. Hayek and neo-liberalism, and Raymond Plant and socialism. It is claimed that the alternative view presented here should still be regarded as liberal: it is part of an active view of liberalism, or a self-restrained constructivism, which should be distinguished both from neo-liberal evolutionism and socialist egalitarianism.

Rethinking Citizenship Education

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Rethinking Citizenship Education presents a fundamental reassessment of the field. Drawing on empirical research, the book argues that attempting to transmit preconceived notions of citizenship through schools is both unviable and undesirable. The notion of 'curricular transposition' is introduced, a framework for understanding the changes undergone in the passage between the ideals of citizenship, the curricular programmes designed to achieve them, their implementation in practice and the effects on students. The 'leaps' between these different stages make the project of forming students in a mould of predefined citizenship highly problematic. Case studies are presented of contrasting initiatives in Brazil, a country with high levels of political marginalisation, but also significant experiences of participatory democracy. These studies indicate that effective citizenship education depends on a harmonisation or 'seamless enactment' of the stages outlined above. In contrast, provision in countries such as the UK and USA is characterised by disjunctures, showing insufficient involvement of teachers in programme design, and a lack of space for the construction of students' own political understandings. Some more promising directions for citizenship education are proposed, therefore, ones which acknowledge the significance of pedagogical relations and school democratisation, and allow students to develop as political agents in their own right. "Continuum Studies in Educational Research (CSER)" is a major new series in the field of educational research. Written by experts and scholars for experts and scholars, this ground-breaking series focuses on research in the areas of comparative education, history, lifelong learning, philosophy, policy, post-compulsory education, psychology and sociology. Based on cutting edge research and written with lucidity and passion, the "CSER" series showcases only those books that really matter in education - studies that are major, that will be remembered for having made a difference.

World Citizenship And Mundialism : A Guide To The Building Of A World Community

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Roberts seeks to show how and why world citizenship and mundialism--the building of global institutions--are essential for the human race to solve the growing problems of the environment, international violence, and other major world challenges. World citizenship is described from its origins, and its importance to solving current problems is made clear. Its necessary connection to federalism and democracy is stressed, while the inevitable consequent requirement of mundialism is discussed and emphasized. Mundialism describes the creation of structures needed by the emerging world community; it means, as Roberts points out, working for a new political organization of humankind involving the transfer of certain parts of national sovereignty to a World Federal Authority. This is an important synthetic and original work that will be of concern to those interested in world citizenship and peace issues.


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Citizenship Australian Green Card Travel Visa
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Citizenship Australian Green Card Travel Visa
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